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Panasonic N-700AAC AA Battery - Rechargeable Nicad with Tabs

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BBM is a value addded modification center for Panasonic Batteries. As such, we supply the Pansonic (formerly Sanyo) N700AA Battery with Tabs  - this 1.2V/700mAh rechargeable nicad battery is available from stock as a single cell, tabbed or built into a battery pack for your application. 

If you require a battery pack made with this cell - please email your specifications to or call 1 888 328 6587

If you require Quantity discounts - please email to or call 1 888 328 6587

If you require the Panasonic N-700AAC AA bare cell  - please order the battery in the Cross Reference Recommendations (above).

PANASONIC N700AAC Battery Specifications: 

Product ID - N700AAC

Voltage - 1.2V
Capacity - 700mAh
Chemistry - NiCad
Size - 0.55" Dia x 1.96" H (14.0mm x 49.8mm)
Termination - botton top/consumer cap


MSDS ( Material Safety Datasheet)