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ZingZ 100003A064 Emergency Lighting - Exit Sign Battery 12C4, 12-801, 002262, OSA011, Custom-282

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Our 100003A064 battery offers 12V/5.0AH of power. This Nicad battery fits may models of Emergency Light and Exit Signs - see below for the part number cross reference and Manufacturers it supports.


Chloride 100003A064 REV3

Lithonia ELB1208N

Chloride 100-003-A064 

Chloride 100-003-A066

Chloride 10003A066

Emergi-Lite 12C4

Emergi-Lite 002015

Emergi-Lite 002132

Emergi-Lite 002255

Emergi-Lite 002262

Dual-Lite 12-801

Teledyne Big Beam Part # N-124


Measurement - 160mm x 60mm x 66mm (6.3" x 2.4" x 2.6") plus the connector  

BIN 1140