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Regular Strength Replacement Sierra Wireless 5200008, SWA760RX, Aircard Battery Pack

Regular price $17.21

5200008 Battery Pack forAircard 760, Aircard 760s,  Aircard 762s, Aircard 763s, Aircard 785s, Wi-Fi 4G FC80, 5200008, W-3, SWA760RXCS-SPT803RC 


PLEASE NOTE - this regular version of the battery is slightly thinner than the upgraded capacity version. Please make sure of fit prior to ordering.


Upgraded battery is - 69.6mm x 49.55mm x 14.5mm (3600mAh)

Regular capacity battery is - 69.6mm x 49.55mm x 6.2mm (2000mAh)

Battery Attributes ;
Battery Type Battery Pack
Voltage 3.7 V
Capacity  2000 mAh
Chemistry Lithium ion
Terminal Type Pressure Contacts

Fit Model:

Sierra Wireless 803S 4G LTE Battery , Sierra Wireless Aircard 803S Battery, Sierra Wireless AirCard SW760 Battery, Sierra Wireless  SWAC803SMH Battery

Sprint 803S 4G LTE Battery,  Sprint Aircard 803S Battery , Sprint SWAC803SMH Battery

Part Number:
Sierra Wireless 1202395 Battery ,Sierra Wireless W-4 Battery 

Sprint 1202395W-4 Battery




    To buy same battery with Upgraded capacity (3600mAh), please see image below.