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Psion, Teklogix, Motorola 1050494, WA3006, WA3060 Upgraded Battery for WorkAbout (and more)

Regular price $34.00

In Stock - $34.00. BBM Battery supplies the  CS-WA3006BX Battery  for Psion, Teklogix, Motorola, Zebra WorkAbout models, Psion  7525, Psion  WA3006,  Pro G3, Pro G4 and many more ---see complete list below:

This battery will fit the following models:

Motorola 3 Model C Battery, Motorola  3 Model S Battery, Motorola WorkAbout Pro 4 Battery, Motorola WorkAbout Pro G1  BatteryMotorola  WorkAbout Pro G2 Battery, Motorola WorkAbout Pro G3 Battery, Motorola WorkAbout Pro G4 Battery

Pantone 7525C Battery, Pantone 7527C Battery, Pantone S750 Battery , Pantone S86T Battery 

Psion 1050494 Battery, Psion  7525 Battery, Psion  7525C Battery, Psion  7527 Battery, Psion  G1 Battery, Psion  G2 Battery, Psion  WA3006 Battery, Psion  7525 Battery Battery, Psion WorkAbout Pro C Battery, Psion WorkAbout Pro G1 Battery , Psion WorkAbout Pro G2 Battery, Psion WorkAbout Pro G3 Battery 

Teklogix 7525 Battery ,Teklogix  7525C Battery ,Teklogix 7527 Battery , Teklogix WorkAbout Pro 4 Battery ,Teklogix WorkAbout Pro G1 Battery , Teklogix WorkAbout Pro G2  Battery, Teklogix WorkAbout Pro G3 Battery , Teklogix WorkAbout Pro G4 Battery 

Zebra WorkAbout Pro 4 Battery , Zebra WorkAbout Pro G4 Battery 

Battery Specifications:
Battery Type:     Battery Pack
Voltage:     3.7 V
mAh:     3300 mAh
Chemistry:     Lithium ion
Terminal Type:     Pressure Contacts