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Extended Capacity Battery for Motorola, Zebra, Psion, Teklogix and more - replaces part 1050494-002

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Our CS-WA3006BX is a Lithium-Ion scanner replacement battery offering 3.7V/3000mAh of power. 


This battery will fit the following models:

Motorola 3 Model C Battery, Motorola  3 Model S Battery, Motorola WorkAbout Pro 4 Battery, Motorola WorkAbout Pro G1  BatteryMotorola  WorkAbout Pro G2 Battery, Motorola WorkAbout Pro G3 Battery, Motorola WorkAbout Pro G4 Battery

Pantone 7525C Battery, Pantone 7527C Battery, Pantone S750 Battery , Pantone S86T Battery 

Psion 1050494 Battery, Psion  7525 Battery, Psion  7525C Battery, Psion  7527 Battery, Psion  G1 Battery, Psion  G2 Battery, Psion  WA3006 Battery, Psion  WA3010 Battery, Psion WorkAbout Pro C Battery, Psion WorkAbout Pro G1 Battery , Psion WorkAbout Pro G2 Battery, Psion WorkAbout Pro G3 Battery 

Teklogix 7525 Battery ,Teklogix  7525C Battery ,Teklogix 7527 Battery , Teklogix WorkAbout Pro 4 Battery ,Teklogix WorkAbout Pro G1 Battery , Teklogix WorkAbout Pro G2  Battery, Teklogix WorkAbout Pro G3 Battery , Teklogix WorkAbout Pro G4 Battery 

Zebra WorkAbout Pro 4 Battery , Zebra WorkAbout Pro G4 Battery 

This battery will replace the following part numbers:

Psion 1050494-002

Teklogix 1050494-002


Battery Specifications:
Battery Type:     Battery Pack
Voltage:     3.7 V
mAh:     3300 mAh
Chemistry:     Lithium ion
Terminal Type:     Pressure Contacts