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Alcatel, TCL TLP025A2, TLP025A4, CAC2500013C2 Battery for One Touch and more

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BBM Battery supplies the CS-OT808SL for the Alcatel 7046T, One Touch Conquest, M512, J920, the Panasonic P51 and more - see complete list below. This Li-Polymer cellular phone battery offers 3.8V/2500mAh of power and is a direct replacement for the CAC2500013C2, TLP025A2 and TLP025A4. In stock & ready to ship. 

This battery will fit the following models:

7046T, 7048, 7048A, 7048W, 7048X, A846L, Go Play, One Touch Conquest, One Touch Fierce XL, One Touch Fierce XL LTE, One Touch Flint, One Touch Idol X, One Touch idol X+, One Touch idol α, One Touch Pop C9, One Touch Pop Icon 2, One Touch Scribe Easy, One Touch Scribe HD, OT-5054, OT-5054N, OT-5054O, OT-5055W, OT-6043D, OT-7046, OT-7046T, OT-7047, OT-7047A, OT-7047D, OT-8000, OT-8000D, OT-8008, OT-8008D, OT-8008X

Infocus: M512


TCL: J920, J926T, J928, J929L, S830U, S860, S960, S960T, Y710, Y900

This battery will replace the following part numbers:

Alcatel: CAC2500013C2, TLP025A2, TLP025A4


Battery Specifications:
Part No.: CS-OT808SL
Chemistry: Li-Polymer 
Voltage: 3.8V
Capacity: 2500mAh
Rate: 9.50Wh
Dimensions: 73.10 x 54.13 x 4.40mm