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ECOVACS 4ICR19/65 Standard Battery for CEN540, CEN550, CR120, CR130, V7, X550, X580 (and more)

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BBM supplies the Standard Range CS-ECR130VX Battery for the Ecovacs Deebot CR130, Deebot CEN640, CEN660 and the Dibea V780 Remote Vacuum. This battery offers 14.8V/2200mah of power & crosses to the 4ICR19/65 Battery -( 2 pin Version). See complete cross reference below. 

PLEASE NOTE - this battery is the 2 pin connector. Please check your  current battery pack. If your current battery pack has 4 pins ----this battery will not work - please make sure your battery has 2 pins PRIOR to ordering. Please see image below for verification.

This replacement battery pack is rated at 14.8V/2200mAh. It is designed specifically for your device and is manufactured to a very high standard to promote optimum performance. This battery is designed with high quality components within our ISO 9001 certified factory.

Fits Dibea Robotic Vacuum Model:
  • V780
Fits Ecovacs Robotic Vacuum Model:
  • CR120
  • CR130
  • Deebot CEN540
  • Deebot CEN546
  • Deebot CEN550
  • Deebot CEN640
  • Deebot CEN646
  • Deebot CEN660
  • Deebot CR120
  • Deebot CR130
  • Deebot DL33
  • Deebot DL35
  • Deebot KK8
  • Deebot V780
  • Deebot X500
  • Deebot X580
  • KK8
  • N79S
  • V7
  • V780
  • V7S
Fits ILife Robotic Vacuum Model:
  • A4
  • A4S
  • A6
  • V7
  • V7s
  • V7s Pro
  • X620
  • Y8H4

Crosses to Battery Part Number:

        - 4ICR19/65


Voltage : 14.8 V
Capacity: 2200mAh
Part #; CS-ECR130VX
Chemistry: Lithium ion
Dimension: 70.19 x 37.17 x 36.96mm

BIN #: CS-1111  


Enjoy longer cleaning time and choose the Upgraded battery 14.8V/2600mAh - see link below: