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Energizer AZ675DP- 8 Hearing Aid Battery - 8 per card

Regular price $8.75

In stock - $8.75e.  BBM supplies the Zinc Air Activated AZ675B-8 battery from Energizer. This battery is a #675 version of a hearing aid battery. 


  •  Easily removable from the access tab
  •  Longer Tabs and Easy to Read Size Call Out
  •  Easy To Dispense, Easy To Insert.

Suitable with all hearing aids using size 675 batteries   

Battery Attributes: 
Battery Type Button Cell
Voltage 1.4V
Capacity 620mah
Chemistry Zinc Air 
Terminal Type Flat / Button
Dimension / Size 0.46" Dia x 0.21" H (11.6mm x 5.4mm)

Datasheet  AZ675DP- 8 datasheet 

MSDS Material safety datasheet  AZ675DP- 8 msds