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Flir Thermacam EX320, Themacam E25 Battery Replacement for T198258

Regular price $32.95

BBM Battery supplies the aftermarket CS-FLE200SL battery for the Flir Thermacam E45, Thermacam E65 and more (see complete list below). This 7.4V/2600mAh Li-Ion battery is a direct cross to the Flir 1195106-01 battery. In stock and ready to ship - $32.95e

Battery Attributes :
91.2 x 41.6 x 20.3mm
Voltage 7.4 V
Capacity 2600 mAh
Chemistry Lithium ion


Fit Model:
Flir B2 Battery , Flir E2 Battery, Flir E25 Battery, Flir E320 Battery, Flir E45 Battery, Flir E65 Battery, Flir ThermaCam B2 Battery, Flir ThermaCam E2 Battery, Flir ThermaCam E25 Battery, Flir ThermaCAM E320 Battery, Flir ThermaCam E45 Battery, Flir ThermaCam E65 Battery, Flir ThermaCAM EX320 Battery

Part Number:
Flir 1195106 , Flir 1195106-05, Flir T198258