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Genuine PT9B-4 Powersonic Batteries 12V / 8 Ah

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PT9B-4 Powersonic Genuine Batteries 12v / 8 Ah (1 QTY)


• Safety valve flame/arrestor relieves excess pressure.

• Thru-partition construction provides shorter current path with less resistance for more cranking power.

• Special active material in the plates is compounded to withstand vibration, prolonging battery life and dependability.

• Absorptive glass fiber mat (AGM) separator increases battery cell life and reduces vibration on battery plates.

• Special separator makes the battery spill-proof. Valve regulated design eliminates water loss and the need to refill with acid.

• Polypropylene cover and container assure reserve electrolyte capacity for cooler operating temperature and gives greater resistance to gas, oil, and impact in extreme weather conditions.

• Heat sealed cover to case protects against leakage and corrosion. Bond unit providing extra strength.

• Sealed post prevents acid leakage, reduces corrosion, and extends battery life.

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