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HP 430128-002, HSTNH-F15C, HSTNH-L05-xx, HSTNH-S12B Replacement Battery for Ipaq

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BBM Battery supplies the CS-HIQ300SL battery as an replacement for Hp iPAQ 300 , Hp iPAQ 310  ,Hp iPAQ 312 and more ( see list below).


Battery Attributes:
Dimension:62.64 x 55.67 x 5.40mm

Fit Model:
Hp iPAQ 300 Battery , Hp iPAQ 310 Battery ,Hp iPAQ 312 Battery ,Hp iPAQ 314 Battery , Hp iPAQ 316 Battery ,Hp iPAQ FA976AT Battery ,Hp iPAQ FA977AA Battery , Hp iPAQ FB077AA Battery , Hp iPAQ FB078AA Battery , Hp iPAQ FB079AT Battery 

Part Number:
HP 430128-002 Battery , HP HSTNH-F15C Battery, HP HSTNH-L05-xx Battery, HP HSTNH-S12B Battery


BIN# CS-1201