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K-KJ17MCA4BA / BQ-CC17 Eneloop Panasonic Charger with 4 NiMH Batteries

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BBM supplies the Panasonic (formerly Sanyo)  Eneloop Charger Kit with 4 AA Batteries. Known as the K-KJ17MCA4BF, this Charger set comes with 4 pre-charged and ready to use  low self discharge AA Batteries. These batteries are well suited for any application requiring 1.2V rechargeable AA's. Offering 1.2V/2000mAh of power, and pre-charged by SOLAR POWER - these recyclable NiMh batteries are the ultimate in "Green Power".

KKJ17MCA4BF Features :
Battery Pack: 4-pack
Battery Type: AA
Charging Seats: 4
Fully charge Eneloop AA cells in 7 hours, AAA in 6 hours (approx.)

Battery Attributes :
Battery Type : Cylindrical Cell
Voltage:  1.2 V
mAh :  2000 mAh
Chemistry: Ni-MH
Size : AA
Terminal Type : Button Top