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Motorola PMNN4406, PMNN4407, PMNN4409 Battery Replacement

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BBM Battery supplies the CS-MPR750TW Battery - a 7.4V Li-ion Two-Way Radio Battery for Motorola TRBO, XPR7350, XPR3000, XPR7500,P8608, DP4000 . In stock and Ready to ship. 

Battery Specifications:

Chemistry   Li-ion
Voltage   7.4V
Capacity   2200mAh / 16.28Wh
Dimensions   119.46 x 55.20 x 36.73mm
Model Number   CS-MPR750TW

Models that this battery will fit:

Motorola DP4000 battery , Motorola DP4400 battery Motorola DP4401 battery , Motorola DP4600 battery Motorola DP4601 battery , Motorola DP4800 battery ,  Motorola DP4801 battery Motorola GP328D battery Motorola P8608 battery Motorola P8660 battery , Motorola TRBO battery , Motorola XPR3000 battery Motorola XPR3300 battery Motorola XPR3500 battery Motorola XPR7350 battery , Motorola XPR7500 battery 

Part numbers associated with this product:

PMNN4406 battery , PMNN4407 battery , PMNN4409 battery , PMNN4409AR battery , PMNN4412 battery , PMNN4448 battery 

BIN CS-1518