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Sarabec Swing Digital TV Battery Replacement for Part # AP121A

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BBM supplies the aftermarket CS-SAP121SL Battery for the Sarabec InfraLight Swing Digital TV. This 3.7V/240mAh battery is a direct cross to the Sarabec AP121A Battery. This battery fits the Sarabec Swing IR, InfraLight Swing and more (see complete list below).


Item No.: CS-SAP121SL

Capacity: 240mAh

Type: Li-Polymer

Voltage: 3.7V

Rate: 0.89Wh

Dimension: 32.60 x 30.10 x 14.09mm

Fits Sarabec TV Model:
  • InfraLight Swing
  • Swing Digital
  • Swing Digital TV
  • Swing IR
Crosses to Sarabec Battery Part Number:
  • AP121A

BIN - CS-1962