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Sennheiser BA90, E180, E90 Replacement Battery for Wireless Headsets

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BBM Battery supplies the aftermarket CS-SBA90SL Battery for Sennheiser Wireless Headsets. This battery fits the HDI91, HD200 and HDI1029 Headsets & more (for a complete list see below). These batteries are in stock for immediate delivery.


Battery Specifications:

Chemistry   Ni-MH
Voltage   2.4V
Capacity   60mAh / 0.14Wh
Dimensions   12.00 x 33.00 x 18.00mm
Model Number   CS-SBA90SL

Models that this battery will fit:

A100A, Audioport A1, H100, H200, H200 HDI452-P, HDE1030, HDI1029, HDI1029-PLL16, HDI1029-PLL8, HDI1029-PLL8/16, HDI91HDI91-P1/-P2, HDI92, HDI92P, HDI92-P, RI100, RI100-A/RI100-J, S180, SET100 Assistive Listening System

Part numbers associated with this product:

BA90, E180, E90

BIN CS-308