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Sony BP-HP550 Replacement Battery for Headset

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BBM Supplies the CS-SRF820SL Battery for Sony Headsets. Fitting the Sony MDR-DS3000, MDR-DS4000 - This replacement battery pack is rated at 1.2V/700mAh. It is designed specifically for your device and is manufactured to a very high standard to promote optimum performance. This battery is designed with high quality components within our ISO 9001 certified factory.


Battery Attributes:

Dimension:46.05 x 11.30 x 11.30mm

Fit Model:

Sony BF-TDSY Battery ,Sony MDR-DS3000 Battery , Sony MDR-DS4000 Battery , Sony MDR-IF140 Battery , Sony MDR-IF140K Battery ,Sony MDR-IF240R Battery , Sony MDR-IF240R?K Battery , Sony MDR-IF240RK Battery , Sony MDR-IF3000 Battery , Sony MDR-IF540R Battery ,Sony MDR-IF540RK Battery , Sony MDR-RF800R Battery , Sony MDR-RF800RK Battery ,Sony MDR-RF820 Battery , Sony MDR-RF820R Battery , Sony MDR-RF820R?K Battery , Sony MDR-RF850R Battery , Sony MDR-RF850R?K Battery , Sony MDR-RF885R Battery , Sony MDR-RF885RK Battery , Sony MDR-RF920RK Battery , Sony MDR-RF925RK Battery , Sony MDR-RF960R Battery ,Sony MDR-RF960RK Battery

Part Number:


1-756-316-21 Battery , 1-756-316-22 Battery , BP-HP550 Battery , BP-HP550-2 Battery 


Bin #: CS-1200