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TomTom F650010252, F709070710 Battery for One IQ, One S4L, One V2, One V3, One V5 (Regular Capacity)

Regular price $11.95

In Stock, - $12.95. BBM offers this REGULAR Capacity version  CS-TM500SL GPS Battery Replacement FOR TomTom One 3rd Edition Dach, One XL Dach TML, 4K00.100, 4N00.004, 4N00.004.2, 4N00.005, 4N00.006, 4N00.012, 4N01.000, 4N01.001, 4N01.002, 4N01.003, NVT2B225, Edinburgh. 

Item No.: CS-TM500SL
Color: Black
EAN Code: 4894128003472, Rechargeable GPS, Navigator Battery

Battery Attributes :

Battery Type - Battery Pack
Voltage - 3.7 V
Capacity - 1100 mAh
Chemistry -Lithium ion
Terminal Type- Wire Leads / Connector 

Battery codes that this product is known to replace:

Maxell: ICP653443, Edinburgh, ICP653443

Fit Model:
TomTom 4K00.100 Battery,TomTom 4N00.004 Battery,TomTom 4N00.004.2 Battery,TomTom 4N00.005 Battery,TomTom 4N00.006 Battery,TomTom 4N00.012 Battery,TomTom 4N01.000 Battery,TomTom 4N01.001 Battery,TomTom 4N01.002 Battery,TomTom 4N01.003 Battery, TomTom NVT2B225 Battery,TomTom One Battery,TomTom One 3rd Edition Dach Battery,TomTom One Europe Battery,TomTom One IQ Battery,TomTom One IQ Routes Battery,TomTom One Regional Battery,TomTom One S4L Battery, TomTom One S4L Rider 2nd Battery,TomTom One V2 Battery,TomTom One V3 Battery,TomTom One V5 Battery,TomTom One Version 3 Battery,TomTom One XL Dach TML Battery,TomTom One XL Europe Battery,TomTom Rider Battery

Part Number:
TomTom F650010252
TomTom F709070710


If you require Extended (1100mAh) version of battery-- Please see the cross reference recommendation above