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Tomtom P11P20-01-S02 Battery for XXL 540, XXL550, Route XL GPS Systems

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In Stock - $14.95e. BBM Battery supplies the  CS-TMR001SL Replacement Battery For P11P20-01-S02,  TomTom One XXL 540S, XXL 550T, XXL550M, XXL540S, Route XL,  XXL540 EF99  and more - it offers 3.7V/900mAh of power and will keep you pointed in the right direction.


Battery Attributes
Battery Type Battery Pack
Voltage 3.7 V
Capacity  900 mAh
Chemistry Lithium ion
Terminal Type Wire Leads / Connector


Fit Model:
Tomtom One XXL 540S Battery ,Tomtom Route XL Battery ,Tomtom XXL 540M Battery ,Tomtom XXL 540S Battery ,Tomtom XXL 540T Battery ,Tomtom XXL 540TM Battery ,Tomtom XXL 550 Battery ,Tomtom XXL 550M Battery ,Tomtom XXL 550T Battery , Tomtom XXL 550TM Battery ,Tomtom XXL540 Battery , Tomtom XXL540S Battery 

Part Number:
P11P20-01-S02 Battery