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452240-L, 1.3A Specific Chargers for Multple volt and Range

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Switch mode lithium ion chargers are designed to effectively charge lithium ion batteries while protecting the batteries from over-charging. All charger ratings are based on a nominal input of 90-264VAC/47-63Hz. The output current ranges from 500mA to 1.3 Amps


  • Medical approved (EN 60601)
  • 3 step charge control
  • Current detection as charge termination
  • Switch mode charger with universal input voltage
  • Charges 1 to 7 cell packs
  • Protected against reverse polarity and short circuit
  • LED status indicator
  • Custom specifications on request


Input rating: Nominal 90-264VAC/47-63HZ

Cell count: 1-7 cells

Switch frequency: ≈ 40kHz

Leakage current from battery: ≈ 0

Operating temperature: -25°C - +40°C

Ripple: < 100mVp-p

Insulation class: Class II

Insulation voltage: 4000VAC (primary) / 5640VDC (secondary)

Electrical safety approvals: UL 60601-1, EN 60950, EN 60601-1, EN 60335-2-29

EMC standards: EN60601-1-2 (Medical), EN 61000-6-3 (Emission), EN 61000-6-1 (Immunity)

Reliability (MIL-GDBK-217F): MTBF > 250.000 hours at 30°C and full load

Input connection: 2 pin IEC 320-C7 (input cordset not included)

Output connection: 2.5mm x 5.5mm x 9mm barrel plug, center positive

Dimensions/weight: 3.55" x 1.77" x 1.26" (90 x 45 x 32mm)/0.25 lbs. (115g)

other output connection options available upon request


Once the charger is attached to a lithium ion battery and then plugged in, the charging process will begin. The charger will subject the lithium ion battery to three steps of charging.

During the first step, the charger enters into 'fast charge' mode. During this step, the charger is in constant current mode with the current rate remaining at its maximum rating.

In step two, the battery will be nominally 80-95% charged, and the charger switches into constant voltage mode (current is no longer being provided at its maximum rate). The charger will continue to provide a constant voltage until the charge current decreases to the charge termination level.

In the third step, the charge process is complete. Charging has ceased as no current flows to the battery.

Note: The Prices include CORDSETS and adapters. Please call / specify the country this will be used in for us to send an appropriate cord. If no country is specified, we assume that it is for North America.

(Please mention the voltage and Amp Hour ( Ah) rating and or the watt hour (Wh) rating of the battery pack the charger will be used for while you place your order)

Minimum Purchase Quantity = 10

Battery Attributes
Amp H 1.3
Chemistry Lithium ion