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Panasonic BR-2/3A Battery, 3V Non-Rechargeable Lithium

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This Regular Capacity 3V/1200mAh BR2/3A Panasonic Battery, is used primarily as a back up power source. Supplying a stable voltage at wide temperature ranges.

This battery is a direct replacement for the following part numbers listed:
118-4184, 2587678-8008, 6135-01-159-9705, 6135011599705, 94105701, BR-2/3A, BR-2/3ASSPE, BR-2/3ASSPN, BR17335, BR2/3A, BR2/3ASSP, BR2/3ASSPE, BR2/3ASSPN, CR-2/3A, CR2/3A, DL-2/3A, DL2/3A, DR-2/3A, DR2/3A

Replaces: BR2/3A, 2587678-8008

Panasonic BR2/3A Battery Specifications:
Battery Type: Cylindrical Cell
Voltage: 3.0 V
mAh: 1200 mAh
Chemistry: Lithium
Terminal Type: Button Top


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