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Battery for Symbol MC9000 Series Scanners

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This Aftermarket CS-MC90BL Battery is built specifically for the Symbol MC9000, MC9090 series Scanners and the RD5000 RFID Reader. Crossing directly to the c Symbol KT-21-61261 Battery and 21-65587 Battery - this will keep you Symbol Scanner fully operational.

FYI - this battery is for Symbol Scanners only - it does not support Motorola Readers

MC9000 Battery Attributes: 

Capacity: 2200mAh
Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 7.4V
Rate: 16.28Wh
Dimension: 74.17 x 47.86 x 24.05mm

Fits Models:

Symbol MC9000 battery , Symbol MC0910 battery , Symbol MC9090 battery ,  Symbol MC9097 battery , Symbol MC909X battery , Symbol MC9190-G battery , Symbol MC9200-K battery , Symbol MC9050 battery , Symbol MC9060 battery ,  Symbol MC9062 battery , Symbol MC909  battery, Symbol MC9097  battery, Symbol MC909XX  battery, Symbol MC9190 battery , Symbol MC920  battery, Symbol MC9200  battery, Symbol RD5000 battery , Symbol RD5000 Mobile RFID Reader battery 

Battery Part Numbers:

21-6126-01, 21-65587-01, 21-65587-02, 21-65587-03, 82-111734-01, BRTY-MC90SAB00-01, BTRY-MC90GKAB0E-10, KT-21-61261, KT-21-6126-01, CS-MC90BL 

Contacts: 41 Pressure Type