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Kamstrup Multical 1606-064, 1606-064-92009 Battery Replacement for Utility Meters

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Built by BBMBattery in our ISO certified facility, our 1606-064-92009 replacement battery for the Multical Utility Meter - is built using French made Saft LS33600 cells - shrunk wrapped with a connector.

This Battery is supplied with 2 different types of connectors - these connectors have slight variations. This model has the larger connector (9.59mm x 7.35mm x 3.95mm).


Voltage - 3.6V

Amperage - 17.0AH

Dimensions - 9.59mm x 7.35mm x 3.95mm with connector



MSDS Material Safety Datasheet   


BIN - 1228



For the smaller connector (7.11mm x 6.9mm x 3.44mm) - please check the cross reference recommendation above