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27A , A27, S27, MN27, G27A, GP27A Alkaline Battery

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BBM  supplies the 27A  also known as the  LR27, LR27A, L828, EL812 - 12V Battery. See below for full list of battery part numbers:

A27, S27, MN27, G27A, GP27A, LR27, LR27A, L828, EL812, EL-812, CA22, Bronica B-1


Compatible with the following applications:

  • Keyless entry openers
  • Car alarms
  • Home security devices
  • Garage door openers


Battery Attributes :
Amp H  0.01
Battery Type  Cylindrical Cell
Voltage  12.0 V
Chemistry  Alkaline
Size  A
Terminal Type  Button Top (Raised Positive and Flat Negative) 
Dimensions   8mm ( Diameter) X 28.2mm ( Height)