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386/301 Energizer Batteries

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386/301 Energizer Batteries - SR43SW, SR43W

Non-rechargeable disposable battery

Compatible with the following batteries:

Renata 301, Energizer 301, Eveready 301, Panasonic SR43SW, Sony SR43SW, Toshiba SR43SW, Varta V301, Rayovac 301,  Bulova 226, Timex D, Citizen 280-01, Seiko SB-A8, IEC SR1142SW (SR43) battery-key

Fits and replaces: 

1167A, 1176A, 12AG, 186, 186-1, 186A, 301A, 386A, Accusplit Eagle AE2720 Pedometer, AG12, AG12 Battery, Berec BLR43, BSR43H, Bulova 260 Watch Battery, Calculated Industries KitchenCalc, Calculated Industries Pocket Real Estate Master, Calculated Industries ProjectCalc Plus, Circuit Alert by Gardner Bender Wire Stripper 10-18 AVG, Citizen 28001, Citizen 28016, Citizen 28021, Citizen 28041, Citizen 28047, CNB G12A, CNB LW43, D186A, D301, D386, Datexx DB-413 Checkbook Calculator, Duracell D186, Energizer BS06, Eveready 186, Union Carbide 186, Freestyle Pacer Pro pedometer, G12, G12A, Gardner Bender M/N GST-70 wire stripping pliers, GP186, GP188, GP86A, HexBug Bravo 09A07, Hexbug Robotic Bug HEX001 uses two, K M C 80008, L1142F, LII42, LR1142, LR43, Mallory LR43, Omron HJ105 Pedometer, Oregon Scientific Calorie Stepper Pedometer PE326CA, Radio Shack 10-Key Timer 65-878, Radio Shack 65-504, Radio Shack Desk Top Calculator 65-577, Radio Shack EC-444 65-888, Rayovac RW84, RW84, Schwinn 2008 speedometer, Schwinn Bicycle Computer KY-13-P3-PG-SCH-R8, Schwinn SW500, Sharp ELSI Mate EL5804, Sharp LR43, Sportline 330 Pedometer, Sportline 340 Pedometer, SR1142, SR43, Taylor Thermometer 9840, Texas Instrument Calculator 1010, Texas Instrument Calculator 1030, Texas Instruments 500 Series made in 1976 uses 2, Texas Instruments TI-1030 uses two, Texas Instruments TI1750 iii uses two, Toshiba LR43, Type L1142, LR45 1.5 volt, UCAR 186, UCC 186, ULTRA Road Whiz Eddie Bauer pedometer 0J9, V12GA, Varta L1142, Varta V12GA, Vetta C-20 cycling computer, VG12A, Vinergy L1142F, Vinnic 1142, WC301, WC386, WCLR43.

Battery Attributes :
Battery Type Button Cell
Voltage 1.55V
Capacity  127mAh
Chemistry Silver Oxide
Terminal Type Pressure Contacts

Spec sheet 

MSDS (Material Safety Datasheet)