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384 , SR41SW Maxell Battery

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BBM supplies the 384 , SR41SW Maxell Battery.

Battery Attributes
Battery Type Button Cell
Voltage 1.5V
Capacity  45mah
Chemistry Alkaline
Size Button Cell
Terminal Type Pressure Contacts


Used in Watches, Electronics and more.

Contains leak resistant processing; helps to ensure that batteries remain sealed and tight.

Equivalent to:

D392, 392, SR41W, SP392, SB-B1, K, AG3, LR41, SR41, SR41W, V392, 392BP, S13, 192, L736, G3, L736F, V36A, L736H,  A3, 736, L736, S736

Additional Reference:

Awci: S13

Energizer: 392/384, 384/392, Md392, Md384

Ucar: 392/384, 384/392, Md392, Md384

Eveready: 392/384, 384/392, Md392, Md384

Citizen: 280-13, 280-11

Duracell: D392/D384, D384/D392, D392, D384

BIN 1028