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392, SR41W Maxell Battery

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Used in Watches, Electronics and more. Can also be used in other electronic devices such as calculators, key less remote entry systems for cars and homes, medical equipment, hand-held electronic devices, and as batteries in cameras, audio books, games, toys, and more. Has a shelf life of 5+ years.

Equivalent Battery Types:


AWI: S13, S92

Berec: BSR41H

Bulova: 247B, 247-B

Citizen: 280-11, 280-13

Duracell: 10L125, D192, D392, MS312, D384

Energizer: 192, AG3

Eveready: 392, 392S, S312E, 192

Gold Peak: GP92, GP92A, GP192-A, GP192A

IEC: SR41, A3, V3GA

Mallory: D392

Maxell: LR41, SR41, SR41W, TR41W

Neida: 1135SO

Omega: 9909

Panasonic: SP392, SR41SW, SR736, SR736SW

Rayovac: 392, RW47, RW27, 47S, RW87, RW49

Renata: 13, 392, 2

Seiko: SB-B1, SBB1, SB-E1, SBE1, TR41SW, TR41W, TR736W

Timex: Type K

Toshiba: SR41WK, WG3

Varta: 547, V3GA, V392

Vinnic: L736, S736S

Other: A3, G3, G3A, SG3, 10L125, AG3, 1A3, WL1, Z392, S92, 1A3

Battery Attributes
Battery Type Button Cell
Voltage 1.5 V
Chemistry Alkaline
Size Button Cell
Terminal Type Pressure Contacts