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399 , SR927W Maxell Battery

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Commonly used in watches, with a shelf life of 5+ years ash registers, or FA Instruments (Measuring Instruments, Onboard Microcomputers, Sensors)


High Drain - Best used with multi-function watches incorporating an alarm, illumination light, etc.

A flat discharge curve during discharge supplies a stable voltage until the end of the discharge life

Featuring Maxell's original leak-resistant processing

Also Known As:

1162SO, 1165SO, 280-44, 280-48, 395, 399, 399BP, 543, 610, 613, AG7, D 395, D 399, D395, D395/399, D399, GR927, L926, LA, R 395/25, R 399/35, RW 313, RW 413, RW413, S19, S927SW, SB-AP/DP, SB-BP/EP, SG7, SP395, SP399, SR 57, SR 927 SW, SR 927 W, SR57, SR57H, SR926, SR927, SR927SW, SR927W, SR927W/SW, TR927W, V395, V399


Energizer 399, Duracell D399, Rayovac 399, Timex W, Varta V399, Varta V543, Renata 399, Bulova 613, Seiko SB-BP, Citizen 280-44, GP399, IEC SR57

Battery Attributes
Battery Type Button Cell
Voltage 1.5 V
Chemistry Alkaline
Size Button Cell
Terminal Type Pressure Contacts