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A98L-0031-0025 GE Fanuc Replacement Battery 2400MAH Standard Capacity

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BBM Battery provides only the highest-quality replacement batteries. Our batteries are built in our ISO registered facility. This GE Fanuc A98L-0031-0025 battery will meet your GE Fanuc Automation needs. 


We offer a regular version and an upgraded HD version of this battery pack. Both are Interchangeable.The HD version uses Panasonic upgraded BR2/3AG cells to allow for a nominal capacity of 2900mAh VERUS a capacity of 2400mAh with the standard version.

The standard version comes with a brown Connector (as shown above). The HD version comes with a black connector that has an extended tongue. Please make sure that the connector on your current battery matches the one you are purchasing. 

Specifications for Standard Version:

Chemistry   Lithium (Non-rechargeable)
Voltage     6.0V
Capacity   2400mAh
Dimensions (inches)   1.80L x 1.38W x 1.33H
Terminals   Wire Leads / Connector

LINK to Spec Sheet


**If you require Air (overnight) shipping, these batteries must ship as Class 9 Hazardous or Dangerous Goods. There will be an additional fee of $50.00 to cover the Hazmat Surcharge, and you will be contacted for payment after ordering. (PLEASE NOTE - there is no extra charge for ground transport)**

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BIN - 104

If you need the upgraded BR2/3AGCT4A-HD 6.0v/2900mah  battery (black connector), please select the battery in the cross reference recommendation found above.