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ABB 3HAB9999-1 Battery for Industrial Robots

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10.8V Saft Lithium D Cell Assembly (3 x LS33600) with connector 

3.99" x 2.55" x 1.34"

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Robot Design Year:
IRB 2600 M2004
IRB 1400 M2000A
IRB 4400 M2000
IRB 6600 M2000A
IRB 6600 M2004
IRB 2400 M2000A
IRB 1400 M2000
IRB 2400 M2004
IRB 140 M2000 
IRB 1400 M2004
IRB 7600 M2000A
IRB 6400 M99
IRB 1600 M2004
IRB 2400 M2000
IRB 7600 M2000
IRB 4400 M2004
IRB 6600 M2000
IRB 7600 M2004
IRB 6620 M2004
IRB 140 M2000A
IRB 4400 M2000A

Battery Type: Battery Pack
Device Manufacturer: ABB
Voltage: 10.8v
Amp H: 17Ah
Chemistry: Lithium
Terminal Type: Wire Leads / Connector

If you require Air (overnight) shipping, these batteries must Ship as Class 9 Hazardous or Dangerous Goods. There Will Be Additional Fee Of $50  to cover the Hazmat Surcharge, you will be contacted for Payment. (PLEASE NOTE - there is no extra charge for ground transport.)