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Ansul Alarms 427308, 423520 Security Alarm System Battery Replacement, 3.6V/8.5AH

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BBM supplies the Replacement 427308 Battery for Ansul Alarms. This 3.6V/8.5AH non rechargeable battery is a direct cross to the Ansul 423520 Battery, the 427308 Battery and more (see below). Built in house in our ISO certified facility, using ONLY the highest quality French made Saft LS26500 cell - this battery will keep you protected.

PLEASE NOTE - due to manufacturer variances with the connector (they supply two different connectors for this battery), we supply ours with the two different connectors. The end user can use they connector they need in their device, and disregard the other.


- 427308
- 423520
- 427312
- 426518
- CUSTOM-416
- 11-0548
- OSA210

We recommend checking your existing battery for size and specifications prior to ordering as manufacturers may change requirements without notice.

    Alarm System, Burglar Alarm, Security System


Device Model:  427308
Voltage:     3.6
Nominal Capacity:    8.5Ah
Chemistry:  Lithium (non rechargeable)
Weight (pounds):   0.1
Terminals:    Plug

BIN 1008

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