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BP2A, CSXWREB3 Exit, Emergency Light Replacement Battery

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This Replacement Dual Lite BP2-A Battery outputs 2.4V/1000mAh of energy. Known as the CSXWREB Battery or the Custom-286 Battery, the Dual Lite aftermarket battery is made in house in our ISO certified facility - this battery will keep you Exit Signs fully powered.

Battery Attributes:
Voltage 2.4 V
Capacity  1000 mAh
Chemistry Ni-Cd
Terminal Type Wire Leads / Connector 


This battery works for the following models:

Custom-286, DANTONA CUSTOM286, BP2-A DUAL-LITE Ni-CD 2.4v 600mAh, CSXWREB3 HUBBEL BATTERY, Dual Lite BP2A, Duallite BP2-0A, Dual Lite BP2 A, Dual Lite BP2A, Dual Lite 0BP2-0A, Dual Lite BP2-0A, Dual Lite BP2-A, Duallite BP2 A, Duallite BP2A, Duallite 0BP2-0A, Duallite BP2-0A, Duallite BP2-A, Dual-Lite BP2 A, Dual-Lite BP2A, Dual-Lite 0BP2-0A, Dual-Lite BP2-0A



Built By BBMBattery - This is an Equivalent version of the original equipment manufacturers battery.