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Cobra, Microtalk BK-70128, BK-71216, 103-0001-1 Battery for Two Way Radios

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In Stock- $14.00e. BBM Battery supplies the CS-MCX700TX battery for Microtalk & Cobra FRS Radios.  These batteries cross to the Cobra Battery MN-0160001, FT553444P-2S, FRS-001-LI, COM-MN0160001, 103-0004-1, 103-0001-1 & more. They also cross to the Microtalk BK-71216

Battery Attributes:
Dimension:50.00 x 36.20 x 12.80mm

Fit Model:

Cobra CXR 700 Battery, Cobra CXR 750 Battery, Cobra CXR 800 Battery, Cobra CXR 850 Battery, Cobra CXR825 Battery, Cobra CXR825C Battery, Cobra LI3900 Battery, Cobra LI3950 Battery, Cobra LI4900 Battery, Cobra LI5600 Battery, Cobra LI6000 Battery,Cobra LI6050 Battery , Cobra LI6500 Battery, Cobra LI6700 Battery

Microtalk CXR700 25-Mile Radio Battery ,Microtalk CXR800 27-Mile Radio with weather Battery ,Microtalk LI3900-2 DX 14-Mile Radio Battery , Microtalk LI4900-2 WX 18-Mile Radio with weather Battery , Microtalk LI5600-2 DX 20-Mile radio Battery ,Microtalk LI6000-2 WX 17-Mile Radio with weather Battery , Microtalk LI6500-2 WX 20-Mile Radio with weather Battery , Microtalk LI6700-2 WX22-Mile Radio with weather Battery

Part Number:

COBRA 028377310454, COBRA 103-0001-1, COBRA 103-0004-1,COBRA 103004-1, COBRA BK-70128, COBRA COM-MN0160001,COBRA FRS-001-LI, COBRA FT553444P-2S, COBRA MN-0160001



BIN# CS-909