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Dogtra BP74T2 Battery Replacement for 2300NCP Transmitter

Regular price $11.95

BBM supplies the aftermarket replacement CS-SDT74SL Battery for the Dogtra Dog Collar Transmitter. This battery is specifically made for the Dogtra 1900S & 1902S Transmitter (and many more below). It direct cross to the Dogtra DC-33, BP74T2, AE562438P6H and the AE602048P6H Battery - in stock - $11.95


NOTE - this battery also crosses to Aetertek Dog Collars

Battery Specifications:

Item No.: CS-SDT74SL

Capacity: 500mAh

Type: Li-Polymer

Voltage: 7.4V

Rate: 3.70Wh

Dimension: 48.00 x 22.50 x 12.00mm

Fit Model:
Aetertek AT-211 mini Battery, Aetertek AT-215 Battery, Aetertek AT-216 Battery, Aetertek AT-216S Battery, Aetertek AT-216W Battery, Aetertek AT-218 Battery, Aetertek AT-219 Battery, Aetertek AT-918C Battery, Aetertek AT-919C Battery, Aetertek T-918 Battery

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Dogtra Battery Part Number:
AE562438P6H Battery , AE602048P6H Battery, BP74T2 Battery, DC-33 Battery