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Dyson DC61, DC62, DC58, V6, V6 Slim Battery for Absolute Cordless Vacuums

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This Aftermarket CS-DYC620VX is built specifically as a direct cross to the Dyson 205794-01/04, 965874-02 Battery. It fully supports the Dyson Absolute, DC58, DC61, DC62, DC74, DC72, V6 Slim and other V6 models listed below

**NOTE: This battery will ONLY fit Type B model vacuum cleaners - Type B models HAVE SCREWS**

Don't know which type you have? Please click on THIS LINK to find out!

Please check to make sure that your model requires a 21.6V Li-ion battery. You will need a different replacement battery if your appliance currently uses a battery with a different voltage rating.

Description of CS-DYC620VX:

Chemistry    Li-ion
Voltage      21.6V
Capacity    2500mAh / 54.00Wh
Dimensions   128.50 x 76.20 x 91.74mm
Model Number   CS-DYC620VX

Models that this battery will fit:

Absolute, DC58, DC59, DC59 Animal, DC59 Animal Complete, DC59 Animal Exclusive, DC59 Animal V6, DC59 Motorhead, DC61, DC62, DC62 Animal, DC72, 
DC74 Animal, V6 Animalpro, V6 Absolute, V6 Animal, V6 Handstaubsauger, V6 Motorhead Exclusive, V6 Motorhead Extra, V6 Motorhead Pro Exclusive, V6 Slim, V6 total clean, V6 Up Top

Part numbers associated with this product:

205794-01/04, 965874-02

BIN CS-1809