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ELB2P401N Emergency Lighting Battery Replacement

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BBM supplies the aftermarket Lithonia ELB2P401N battery for Emergency lightning. Delivering 2.4v/1200 mah of power and is often referred to as ELB2P401N, ELB-2P401N, NIC1058, Custom-71.  Manufactured in our ISO Certified facility.

Fits Manufacturer: Lithonia, Interstate and more

Battery Specifications: 2.4V/1200mAh battery pack with connector - 1.32" x 1.69" x .66" 

 If this battery has a higher mAh rating than your original version---please do not be concerned. This means it will work for longer when and if required. By no means will if negatively affect the operation of your emergency lights. 

BIN # 636