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EnergyLine 6X0859-0012E Battery for Vista Switch Control - Power Line Recloser

Regular price $240.00

BBM supplies the 6X0859-0012E Battery for the Energyline 5800 Vista, 5801 Vista, 5802 Vista,  and the 5803 Vista Series Switch Control. This is a 36 volt 8Ah rechargeable Sealed Lead Battery - using the finest quality Hawker/Enersys Monoblocks.

Size: 12.32" x 4.0" x 5.5".

Weight: 22 lbs.

This is a Sealed Lead Acid rechargeable battery pack specifically designed to work in Energyline 5800 Vista, 5801 Vista, 5802 Vista, 5803 Vista series switch control.

Battery Attributes
Amp H 8.0
Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid
Voltage 36 v
Chemistry Lead Acid
Terminal Type Wire Leads / Connector