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Enersys Cyclon 0810-0004 Battery - 2V/2.5AH D Size

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The Enersys  Cyclon 0810-0004 Battery (formerly Hawker Energy), is a  2V/2.5AH sealed lead acid D cell. Providing Pure Lead-Tin as the foundation, this Spiral Wound Battery, delivers top notch depth of discharge AND fast charge/discharge capability. Built for either stand alone applications, or for use in battery packs and assemblies, BBM can supply the battery or pack you require. 

Enersys Cyclon 0810-0004 D Cell Battery General Features, 2 volt 2.5AH D cell:

  • Pure Lead-Tin VRLA AGM Design
  • Superior Deep Discharge Recovery
  • High Rate Charge and Discharge
  • Two Year Shelf Life
  • 200+ Full Depth Discharge Cycles
  • Extreme Operating Temperature Range -65°C to +80°C

Battery Specifications:
Capacity: 2.5AH

Dimensions - 1.35" x 2.41"