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Enersys Cyclon 0820-0004 Battery, formerly Hawker BC Cell 2V/25AH

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The Enersys Cyclon 2 volt 25.0AH BC Battery, also known as the Beer Can Battery, was formerly sold as Hawker and or Gates - this Spiral Wound, Pure Lead Enersys 0820-0004 battery will keep you powered.



Voltage: 2 Volts

Capacity: 25.0 Ah

Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid

Dimensions: Diameter 2.57"( x Height 6.25"(158.8mm) [Height with Terminals 6.82"(173.2mm)]

Weight: 3.68 lbs.

Termination: M6 (Negative) and M8(Positive) (Stud Terminals)