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Enersys Cyclon 0850-0114 Battery - 12V/8.0AH

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BBM supplies the Enersys Cyclon 0850-0114 Battery. Delivering 6V/8.0AH of power, and built in house in our ISO certified facility, from 6 Cyclon 0850-0004 batteries, this battery will get the job done.  This Pure Lead-Tin  Spiral Wound Battery, delivers excellent depth of discharge, with fast charge capability. 


Part Number - 0850-0114
Chemistry - Sealed Lead Acid
Voltage - 12V
Capacity - 8.0AH
Size - Length 5.25"(133.4mm) x Width 3.68"(93.5mm) x Height 4.19"(106.4mm)
Termination - Spade Terminals