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Enersys Gensis NP1.2-12 Battery, 12V/1.2AH Sealed Lead Acid

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This Enersys Genesis NP1.2-12 Battery delivers 12V/1.2AH of "rugged" energy.  Enersys brings more than ten decades of battery manufacturing experience to bear when producing all of their models.

The NP1.2-12 provides extremely high energy density, leak proof construction,  and excellent performance in either float or cyclic applications. With its inherent LONG service life - this battery is the premiere battery available in this form factor. 

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Enersys NP1.2-12 Battery Specifications:

Chemistry: Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid
Voltage: 12v
Nominal Capacity: 1.2Ah
Terminals: .187" faston 
Dimensions (In.): 3.82 x 1.89 x 2.15"
Weight (pounds): 1.25

Enersys NP1.2-12 SDS  

Enersys NP1.2-12 Spec sheet