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Enersys Gensis NP1.2-6 Selaled Lead Acid Battery

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The Enersys Genesis NP1.2-6 Battery delivers 6V/1.2AH of unparalleled power. Enersys brings over 100 years experience to the Marketplace when producing their sealed lead acid range of batteries. Trust Enersys for your Critical Battery Applications.

The NP1.2-6 provides extremely high energy density, leak proof construction,  and excellent performance in either float or cyclic applications. With its inherent LONG service life - this battery is the premiere battery available in this form factor. 

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NP1.2-6 Battery Specifications:

Chemistry: Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid
Voltage: 6V
Nominal Capacity: 1.2Ah
Terminals: .187" faston 
Dimensions (In.): 3.82"(67mm) x 0.98"(25mm) x 2.15"(56mm)
Weight 0.66

Enersys NP1.2-6 SDS 

Enersys NP1.2-6 Spec sheet