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F Cell Battery - Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) 1.2V/7000mAh

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This F-7000 Nickel Cadmium F cell Battery has an output of 1.2V/7.0AH. Used primarily for Building Battery Packs - it also functions as a stand alone battery for single cell usage. It can be supplied with or without Solder Tabs. 

 If you require solder tabs on the F Size Nicad Battery - See the Cross Reference Recommendation Above.

If you require BBM to build Battery Packs with these F Nicad cells - PLEASE CONTACT  sales@BBMBATTERY.COM OR CALL 1 888 328 6587 , with your details 



Voltage - 1.2V

Capacity - 7.0AH

Chemistry - Nickel Cadmium

Dimensions - 33mm x 91mm (1.3" x 3.50")