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Fluke 3524222 Battery for Ti-10,Ti-20, Ti-25, TiR1 Thermal Camera

Regular price $29.95

In Stock - $29.95. BBM Battery supplies our ZNG-FBP035SL as an aftermarket replacement for the Fluke 2446641, 3105035 Battery for Fluke Thermal Cameras. Built specifically for your Fluke Camera - this battery meets or exceeds the Original Manufacturers Battery.

Fit Model:
Fluke Ti10 Battery, Fluke Ti-10 Battery, Fluke Ti-20 Battery, Fluke Ti20-RBP Battery, Fluke Ti25 Battery, Fluke Ti-25 Battery, Fluke TiR Battery, Fluke TiR1 Battery

Part Number:
Fluke 3105035, Fluke 3524222, Fluke Ti20-RBP

Battery Specifications:

Chemistry   Ni-MH
Voltage   7.2V
Capacity   2500mAh / 18.00Wh
Dimensions   100.00 x 27.00 x 29.00mm
Model Number   2446641


BIN CS-304