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Fluke BP7235 Battery Replacement for 700, 740, 744 Calibrator, DSP-4000

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This Aftermarket UPGRADED CS-PF7235XL Battery is built specifically for the  Fluke 700, 740 and 744 Calibrator. As a drop in  replacement for FLUKE BP7235 Battery and also fits the DSP-4000 and DSP-4000SL Calibrator. With an output of 7.2V/3500mAh, this offers a significant upgrade over your present battery pack. 

Fit Fluke Meter Model:
Fluke 700 Calibrator Battery, Fluke 740 Calibrator Battery, Fluke 744 Calibrator Battery, Fluke DSP-4000 Battery, Fluke DSP-4000PL Battery

Fluke Battery Part Number:
FLUKE BP7235, 116-066 Battery, 668225 Battery


Battery Attributes: 
Dimensions 154 x 55 x 21mm
Voltage 7.2 V
Capacity 3500 mAh
Chemistry Ni-MH
Terminal Type Pressure Contacts