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HBC BA209000, BA209060, BA209061, Fub9NM, PM237745002 Battery for Crane Remote Control

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BBM Battery supplies the CS-FBA209BL Battery cross to BA209000, BA209060, BA209061, FUB9NM, PM237745002 these will fit Hbc FBFUB09N, FUB 9NM, Linus 4, Linus 6, Micron 4, Micron 6, Radiometric Eco, Spectrum 1, Spectrum 2, Spectrum A, Spectrum B, Technos and the HBC truck driving crane


Fit Model:

Hbc FBFUB09N Battery , Hbc FUB 9NM 6V Battery, Hbc FUB9NM Battery, Hbc Linus 4 Battery, Hbc Linus 6 Battery, Hbc Micron 4 Battery, Hbc Micron 6 Battery, Hbc Radiomatic Eco Battery, Hbc Remote Control Crane Truck Driving Battery, Hbc Spectrum 1 Battery, Hbc Spectrum 2 Battery, Hbc Spectrum A Battery, Hbc Spectrum B Battery, Hbc Technos Battery
Part Number:

BA209000 Battery , BA209060 Battery, BA209061 Battery, Fub9NM Battery, PM237745002 Battery

This battery can work with original OEM charger that supports Ni-MH chemistry. 

Battery Attributes :
Voltage 6.0 V
mAh 700 mAh
Chemistry Ni-MH
Dimensions   57.40 x 56.35 x 17.00mm