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Hubbell Lighting, Dual-Lite 0120894 Battery Replacement - 12-894

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BBM supplies the Hubbell, Dual-Lite 0120894 Battery for Emergency or Exit Lights. These 4.8V/1000mAh replacements also cross to the CUSTOM-59, 0120894-A and the 12-894 Battery. Made in house in our ISO certified facility - these batteries are in stock and ready for delivery. 

PLEASE NOTE - these are several Exit Light Batteries - using the same part number that have different connectors - PLEASE have a look at the connector you need and order accordingly - see below for another connector variation:

Voltage - 4.8V
Capacity - 1000mAh
Chemistry - Ni-Cd
Dimensions - 1.1" (28mm) x 1.1" (28mm) x 1.93" (49mm)

Please Note - if this battery has a higher capacity rating than the original battery you are replacing - do not be concerned. This will only be a benefit for you as it will work longer when and if required.

BIN 540