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ICP463450 Battery, Maxell Prismatic Li-Ion - 4.6mm x 34mm x 50mm

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This Prismatic Li-Ion Maxell ICP463450 Battery outputs 3.7V/920mAh of energy. Measuring 4.6mm x 34mm x 50mm, this battery is Manufactured in Japan, providing the utmost in performance.


NOTE - Lithium Ion Batteries are volatile and can be dangerous if mishandled or not used properly. ALL Li-Ion assemblies require the addition of a safety circuit/board - do not use these without a safety board to maintain proper voltage and temperature.

BBM will gladly provide consultation and the value added service to provide the battery with the correct safety circuits and connectors - please email with your requirements


Maxell ICP4653450AR Battery Specifications:

1)Made in JAPAN

2) Capacity: 920mAh

3) Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

4) Charging Current: 920mA

5) Size: 4.6 x 33.8 x 49.6mm

6) Weight: 21.0g



BIN - CS-611