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Ikusi BT12 Battery Replacement for TM63, TM6402, 230396 Crane Remote Control

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BBM supplies the aftermarket CS-KUT630BL Battery for Ikusi Remote Controls for Industrial Cranes. This battery is a direct cross to the Ikusi BT12 Battery and is built specifically for the Ikusi 2303696, TM63 and the TM64 02 Crane Remote Controls. 

Battery Attributes:

Part #: CS-KUT630BL

Capacity: 2000mAh

Chemistry: Ni-MH

Voltage: 7.2V

Dimension: 114.40 x 47.50 x 19.80 mm

Fits Ikusi Crane Model:
  • 2303696
  • TM63
  • TM64 02
Crosses to Ikusi Battery Part Number:
  • BT12