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Ingenico 295006044, F26401964, L01J44006, L01J44007 Payment Terminal Battery

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This CS-IML220SL replaces he Ingenico iWL250 Battery, the iWl220 Battery, the iWL251and the Newland ME31 Battery. (see complete list below).  Delivering 3.7V/2200mAh of power, this a direct replacement for the 295006044 Battery, the 296110884, F26401964, F26402274, L01J44006 and the L01J44007 Battery. In stock & ready to ship. 

This battery will fit the following models:

Iwe280, IWL220, iWL220 GPRS, iWL250, iWL250 Bluetooth, iWL250 GPRS,  iWL251, iWL251 NFC, iWL252, iWL255, iWL280, Move 2500

Newland: ME31

Rea Card: T6 Flex

This battery will replace the following part numbers:

Ingenico: 295006044, 296110884, F26401964, F26402274, L01J44006, L01J44007

Battery Specifications:
Part No.: CS-IML220SL
3.7 V
Capacity :
2200 mAh

PLEASE NOTE: An upgraded (3400mAh) version of this battery is also available - If interested, please see our Cross Reference Recommendation CS-IML220HL

BIN CS-1905