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Iridium BAT0401, BAT0601 & BAT0602 Battery Replacement for 9505A Sat Phone

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This Aftermarket CS-IRD505SL Battery delivers 3.7V/2800mAh of energy  and is a drop in replacement for the Iridium Satellite Phone Model 9505A. This Battery crosses to Iridium battery part numbers BAT0401, BAT0601 and BAT0602.

This replacement Iridium battery is designed specifically for your Iridium Satellite Phone . It is manufactured to  very high standards enhancing the overall performance of your device. This battery is manufactured in an  ISO 9001 certified factory.

CS-IRD505SL Battery Specifications:

Chemistry   Li-ion
Voltage   3.7V
Capacity   2800mAh / 10.36Wh
Dimensions   79.13 x 54.10 x 10.86mm
Model Number   CS-IRD505SL

Fit Model:
Iridium 9505A Battery 

Part Number:
Iridium BAT0401, Iridium BAT0601, Iridium BAT0602

BIN CS-908