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JZSP-BA01X Yaskawa Sigma II Absolute Encoder Battery - LS17330-180A

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BBM supplies the  upgraded Yaskawa JZSP-BA01 Battery, is slightly larger and more powerful than the traditional JZSP-BA01 Battery. Delivering 3.6V/2100mAh of power - it offers a considerable increase over the traditional variation. Built in house in our ISO certified facility - this battery will keep you fully powered.

Battery Attributes
Voltage 3.6 V
Capacity 2100mAh
Chemistry Lithium (non rechargeable)
Terminal Type Wire Leads / Connector
Dimensions  16.5 mm ( Diameter)   x 33.4 mm (height) 


Please Note - this battery is larger than the regular version JZSP-BA01 - with extra capacity

Spec sheet

MSDS (Material Safety Datasheet)


IF you require the standard version JZSP-BA01 battery (3.6V/1200mah) --- Please view the cross reference recommendation